80’s Rubik’s cube – $350

by | Jan 6, 2022

8inch and 6inch chocolate cake with natural buttercream with fondant covering, 1 in black and 1 in white with fondant decorations including: 1 x Rubiks cube, ghost busters, pac mac and cassette backed onto fondant for side of cake, I love (in shape of heart) 80’s in a fondant heart, number 40 standing up, fondant music sign for side of cake, fondant record and happy birthday message in blue fondant around base of cake


After 25 years in corporate and a significant life experience, I decided I’d follow my passion – making beautiful cakes and desserts. Two years into the industry, I haven’t looked back and am loving it!

I’ve always loved entertaining and making things that not only taste delicious but also look beautiful. Being always the one asked to ‘bring dessert’ – I started experimenting and developed a passion for baking. I delight in seeing and hearing people are happy, enjoying eating all the things I created. The best compliment is being referred to as a ‘cake magician’! Whilst I had been cooking for many years inspired by my grandmother, I developed my Patisserie skills further by completing a certification with Le Cordon Bleu Cooking School, so I could deliver the best for my customers.

I look forward to baking up a storm and work my cake magic for you!

Alyssa – Love Made Edible